My Valentine You Will Be?

Today I’m sharing the Valentine that I created for my hubby this year!

I tend to go cute and funny when I create cards for Sean, something that reflects the way were are with each other. Nothing too serious, stuffy or sophisticated. We love to make each other laugh!


So you probably have already guessed that I went with a Star Wars theme. I drew this little Yoda using my trusty Tombow drawing pen. then I used just regular old coloured pencils to add the colour.


Another little fun thing I did was to TRY and create sort of a galactic looking background on the pink patterned paper. I did this using my Heidi Swapp misters. By taking the mister tops out and flicking the stem of them at the paper, I got the little specks and spots. Then I waited just a little bit…until the ink dried just a little. Then I smeared them all in the same direction. Like the tail of a comet. The trick is to wait just long enough, my green comets dried a little too much to smear.

I also added some super cute Red Scalloped Ribbon from May Arts.


Thanks so much for stopping by this Valentine’s Day!


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