Carpe Diem

For Christmas 2015, all I wanted was my Carpe Diem Planner from Simple Stories! I could not wait to get my hands on it and make it my own. I have been a planner lover for a VERY long time, before it hit the papercrafting world by storm.

There is just something about handwritten memos, doodles and memories in a planner.

The first thing I did, was get out my fine tip Sharpie to make the planner itself, a little more me ๐Ÿ™‚


Today I’m showing a few of the planner pages that I did right away, big events that are coming our way in 2016. This first one, was a little party Shelley and I organized for Lisa and new to the world Payten! So below you see the regular date book page with the event, then I added the To Do list page to keep track of things I wanted to do, and things still to get done.

I am also a fan of the list pages I picked up, that I can add in here and there.


This next page is the Header page, I guess you could call it….for June. June this year is going to be a big deal in our household. Not only are both the girls’ birthdays in June, but this is Zoe’s grade 12 year. So with this brings prom, graduation and all of that fun stuff!

So for this Header page spread, I added a little patterned paper, a matted photo of the girls and a few stickers. Then on the June summary page, I had a little fun with some of the events by playing with fonts and adding letter stickers.

I also punched holes in an acetate photo overlay, and added that to the bottom rings of the planner.


Then this final planner spread, is again from the month of June. That big week of events!

I added a little photo of Zoe, on her actual birthday. Then as always, played with the fonts and added stickers. For the last page, I covered the un-needed date page with patterned paper, and added some fun Summer themed stickers.


I am a list maker!! There is nothing as satisfying as crossing things off your To Do List!

As seen below, I have used a project life sized card from Simple Stories to create a little To Do List from a couple of weeks ago. For something a little different, I used my little Tombow Mono Correction Tape to cross off those projects! As always it comes in handy for covering up scheduling mistakes in my planner, but why not have a little more fun with it ๐Ÿ™‚


The other part of my planner post-it like To Do Lists, is that I like to use Tombow Mono Removable Adhesive. That way, when I am done with the list, and want to remove the bulk from my planner, I can easily remove it without damaging the planner pages.


Thanks for stopping by to check out my first Carpe Diem post, I’ll be sure to share more!


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