Craft Lightning: Halloween Edition

It’s Craft Lightning time again!

What is Craft Lightning you might ask? Well, it is a collaboration of crafty DIY bloggers that get together from time to time to share crafting ideas based on a specific theme. The catch is, that all of the crafts that we create, must be able to be made in 15 minutes or less (this does not include drying time, if that applies to the project).

A big thank you to The Country Chic Cottage and 3o Minutes Crafts for having me craft along. The guest host this time around is Jen Goode of 100 Directions.

The theme this time around is Halloween!
I don’t know about where you are, but here…often schools will not celebrate Halloween at school. Instead they have a Halloween colour theme day, where you can dress in Halloween colours instead. This is how I came up with this quick upcycled craft. I created something that can dress up your Halloween outfit with a little vintage funky style.

This is my Halloween 80’s inspired cuff bracelet.


Here is what I started with:

An old sock
Black Tulle Ribbon
Purple Ribbon
Hot Glue

I started with cutting the top off of that old sock that I had been holding onto for some reason, even though I haven’t seen the match to it for years. This creates that 80’s arm warmer look I was going for.


Then I created a large layered bow using the Black Tulle Ribbon from May Arts. I created a smaller layered bow using the purple ribbon and glued theme together using hot glue.

I added the layered buttons to the middle of that bow. Then simply hot glued the whole thing onto my cuff. Easy as that and in probably less than 15 minutes!


Thanks for stopping by to check out my funky 80’s inspired Halloween Cuff. Be sure to check out the rest of the Halloween Craft Lightning creations.

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