Craft Lightning: Mother’s Day Gift

It’s time for another fabulous edition of Craft Lightning!
All of the projects that the Craft Lightning bloggers have created and shared can be created in 15 minutes or less. This does not include any drying time.
Our theme this time around is Mother’s Day.
15 minutes is enough time for any DIY crafter to put aside to create something special for that great Mom in their life.
A big Thank You as always to Craft Lightning’s hosts, The Country Chic Cottage and 30 Minute Crafts. Our guest host this time around is Happy Hour Projects.

Our theme this time around is Mother’s Day.
So here is the project that I created, that would be perfect for a Mom of young children. Some place to perfectly display the artwork of her proud children.


Project Recipe:

Pine Board 8×8
DecoArt Patio Paint- Teal
May Arts Ribbon- White Pom Pom Trim
Decorative Clothes Pins
Gold Letter Stickers
Hot Glue

Your first step is to paint your piece of wood. I chose DecoArt’s Patio Paint, and this lovely teal that only took 1 beautiful coat. Once dry I added the Pom Pom trim along the bottom of the piece using my hot glue gun.

I found these decorative clothes pins at my local dollar store. These are added using my hot glue gun to the top of the wood. Your last step is to add the CREATE up along the side of the piece.

How simple is that a finished piece that is perfect for displaying a child’s artwork!
Thanks for stopping by!

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