Handmade Holidays Blog Hop: Holiday Decor

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Welcome Holiday Crafters!
I’m so happy to be here crafting along with the Handmade Holiday bloggers and creating with Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L. I adore the holidays! I love to decorate our home making it cozy and lit with lots of sparkly lights and classic Christmas colours. So I chose to create for the Holiday Decor day of the Handmade Holiday Blog Hop.

So without further adieu, here is my DIY Wreath tutorial using Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L.

Handmade Holiday-1

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Project Recipe:

Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L
E-Z Runner Ultra Permanent, Adhesive Dots- Mini, Adhesive Dots- Large

Wreath Form

Sewing Pins

Ribbon- 4″ Ivory Satin, 6″ Ivory Tulle, 3″ Wired Gold Polka Dot Ribbon

Star Ornaments

Buttons and Gems

Step 1: I started with my plain wreath form, 4″ satin ribbon and my E-Z Runner Ultra runner. This adhesive is mighty strong! It worked perfectly sticking to my form. I adhered the end of my ribbon slightly on a diagonal.

Handmade Holiday-2

Step 2: I wrapped the ribbon around and around the form until I was back where I started and then adhered the end on what I chose to be the back side of the wreath.

Handmade Holiday-3

Step 3: I wanted to create monochromatic contrast to my wreath, so I chose to add knotted tulle around the form as well. This shows up nicely on top of the ivory satin. I adhered the end of the tulle using the E-Z Runner Ultra Runner and then added Mini Adhesive Dots here and there at the knots just to keep them in place while I wrapped the tulle around the form.

Handmade Holiday-4

Step 4: I created a loop of tulle for hanging, tied in a small bow at the top. I used the E-Z Runner Ultra again to keep the tulle in place. I tied a large bow using the wired polka dot ribbon. As I often do I used sewing pins to keep the back bow loops where I like them and Large Adhesive Dots to adhere the bow in the middle to the wreath form.

Handmade Holiday-5

Step 5: I added just a few simple embellishments to the bottom right hand corner of the wreath. I used both Large and Mini Adhesive Dots for this.

Handmade Holiday-6Handmade Holiday-7

Step 6: I tied in some hanging ribbon with bells to the original tulle that I added to hang the wreath.

Handmade Holiday-8

Thank you SO much for stopping by and Happy Holiday Crafting!

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