Craft Lightning: Scout Crafts

It’s time for a little more Craft Lightning!!

It’s summertime and most of us are soaking up the sun, making memories and enjoying some great family vacations. The theme this time around with Craft Lightning is Scout Crafts. I chose something that not only Scouts would enjoy but any outdoorsy family. A great 15 minute craft is perfect for that rainy afternoon while camping or downtime at home.

A huge thank you to the Country Chic Cottage and 30 Minute Crafts for always being our fearless hosts, and Laura Kelly Designs for being the guest host this time around.

Here is my 15 minute craft 🙂 Painted rocks and shells.


Whether you are by the ocean and beach combing for those perfect shells and rocks, or camping in the wilderness where you can find pretty cool stones, sticks and pine cones. All of these would make great painted finds.

I used  4 different colours of Patio Paint from DecoArt. These paints are great for anything all weather, and works great on any of these surfaces.


Using different brush sizes, stamps or even their fingers…kids can make whatever design they choose. Great for all ages, the more advanced crafter can make more intricate designs. When finished these treasures can turn into perfect keepsakes from Scout Camp, or a great family vacation.


Thanks so much for stopping by to check out my Scout Craft project for this time around with Craft Lightning.

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